No ban website [Freedom of Speech]

This is the ONLY website left on the web with true free speech. Say what ever the fuck you want right here. Peace.

This site has NO-BAN policy and we will NEVER ban anyone for anything. We don't care. We hate everyone equally and are not associated with any political or corporational organisations. Everyone have the right to speak or express their emotions without a fucking faggot whore banning them for nothing. If you're wondering, yeah, I got tourettes you fucking nipdickfucker son of a whore.

Binding Contract


WARNING DISCLAIMER: Authorities, government associates, police, journalists, detectives, companies relatives and anyone against free speech or our site is stricktly forbidden on this site to even enter this site. This site. This site. Stfu nigger. This is a binding agreement. If you violate these terms you and your organisation will pay a satisfactory interest fee of our choice plus any punishment fees we feel necessary. The revenue will be used to further develop this freedom of speech platform. You might also be obligated to preform certain tasks in public and online. We have your permission to publish your name, address, credit card number or any information we feel valid on our website or anyplace anywhere anytime. The fees might include or exceed 20% of your or your organisation, company or countrys annual income. Any attempts of shutting us down is seen as a threat against freedom of speech and the human rights and will be delt with as such. This is a threat and take it violently and seriously. I repeat. Do not mess with us or you will certainly regret it fully as destruction of huge proportions will take place. War is a necessary good in this world. Fear us. Or join us. We are Anonymous, Illuminati, the intellectuals and the Critical minds. We are autists, antisocial and fearless. We do not fear death, like you do. Be fucking aware. Enter at your own risk. Or die at your own risk. Only you are reliable. Any words written on this site is theoretical terms and should be interpretated as such, anything less is considered a mental disorder and you will be sued and banned from this site. Do not use this site for crimes. Do not drag or lure cops, 5.0:s and filth niggers to our site. Only cool people are allowed. Only those who know the way. Only those who have been shut out from society. Only those with no social status or security. Only those who don't give a fuck about anything. Only whom have seen the light. Only he who truly hates the world can enter. Hail Hitler, Hail Satan, Hail Donald Trump. We are the people. We have spooken. We do what we want. Deal with it. Or don't. Pussy ass nigga. I'll fucking kill you. These terms of agreement might be changed at anytime. You are basically selling your soul to us. Feel scared pussy? Then leave now and just remember that the devil will allways hunt you. Or you can break through your fears and embrace the devil. And you shall find only good. :) Bitch cunt. Fucking fag.

Your own saftey

1. Nigga do NOT click links posted by other users. What are you retarded nigga?

2. Do not tell anyone about this site (especially not fags).

3. Interpretate EVERYTHING on this site as either a joke or theoretical, if YOU (dumbfuck) decide to interpretate anything beyond that then you are breaking these rules and will be dealt with. You WILL pay a punishment fee of minimum 500$, we MIGHT take your kidney and what ever we want. Do you understand? Don't mess with us idiot.

4. You do NOT conduct in any criminal activities, and if you deside to do, since you are probably a FUCKING RETARD, then YOU are responsible for this, GET FUCK OFF OUR SITE. This is educational and thought exploring site for people who are bored and depressed. Criminals are dirt, you fucking nigger. Sure we discuss crimes and potential profits in THEORY, do not attempt any shit or you will have to deal with the police, if you snitch this site or they find it, YOU ARE A CUNT, and police can't do shit according to our agreement. They can try and fail.

5. YOU are above 18 years old or with your dumb parents premission.

6. Everything on this site is in written format and words can NOT hurt you, if you think so, then go kill yourself right now.

7. Nigga you do not say nice things to another nigga this is stricktly forbidden and considered a crime of faggotry.

8. We do not encourage nor condore violence and crimes of any kind and neither do you. We and you stay neutral in any situation. Unless you fuck with this site. Then we will kill you. Literally.

You are NOT anonymous

If you go after people in real life that you see on this site, (omg he wrote something sarcastic online, omg lets go beat him up) you are retarded. We take no responsibility for this, and you will hopefully go to jail and get your ass wet. They are probably fake accounts. We do not verify any users, anyone can claim to be anyone and you can't know who they are in real life.

So in that sense, everyone are anonymous and no one can know for sure who someone else is.

But feds and government, hackers, Server-maintense, ISP- & Internet-providers and others could still get hold of traffic data and/or login information. So in that way you are NOT anonymous on this site unless you make yourself anonymous via VPN, proxy and TOR.

This is not the silky road or darknet. We are govern by the US government and have our servers in Sweden which is REALLY unsafe environment. Only YOU can make yourself anonymous.

We take no responsibility for your anonymity or anything else.

We do how ever try to protect and encrypt this site as good as we possibly can because of these threats.

We do want to help our users to stay anonymous, especially if they are govern my a dictatorship or democratic regime.

We hold our friends near and our enimies even closer.

Masshysteria of any sort is stricktly forbidden.

Social structures and monkey business is stricktly prohibited.

Mark my words, if you are a gay little faggot, leave now. Social creatures shall suffer and die.

Only autists, street smart people and people with an IQ over 130 are allowed to enter. Women and children are stricktly forbidden and might be shot at sight.

This is a binding contract that extends for the rest of your little pathetic life.

Read the fucking contract, punk ass. Else I'll fucken slap you hard.